Astudy on trace elemental contamination and correlation of surface and sub-surface water systemin parts of central – east India

Author(s): S.Nair, P.K.Pandey

This paper presents the trace metal contamination of the Chouky- Rajnandgaon- Durg, a Central - East Indian region. The study area was divided into three different zones. ZoneAis the mineralised zone; zone B is the catchments of river Shivnath and the zone C is Kotri-Indrawati catchments. The results give the elemental composition of the surface water indicating high levels of manganese and iron and noticeable presence of copper and zinc while the cadmium, chromium and lead were below the detection limit. The statistical analysis shows wide variability in geochemical sources and chemical interactions, which takes place in natural water system explainable due to negative skewness. The Kotri- Indra- wati catchments and the mineralized zones are enriched with harmful trace elements whereas the catchments of river Shivnath are more enriched with alkaline and alkaline earthmetals. The surface water is highly enriched with manganese and iron as compare to seawater.

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