Assessment of human exposures to natural sources of radiation and radon-222 from soil around the production factories of cement in Egypt

Author(s): S.Fares, A.K.Hassan

Soil samples were collected around two cement companies are Sinai and Suez cement factories in Egypt, which are both producing factories of cement in Egypt. The natural radioactivity concentrations are the mean absorbed doses of 40K, 238U and 232Th at various selected locations were determined. The mean radionuclide’s concentration of 40K, 238U and 232Th were 202.5321.5, 24.809.7 and 35.4711.1 Bq kg-1 for Suez factory at selected sites. Also these values were 141.6028.3, 31.277.6 and 28.2011.7 Bq kg-1 respectively in the same order for Sinai factory at selected locations. The activity concentrations of Rn222 in the air with the activities of Ra226 that contents in vegetables. The survey revealed that the radiation doses due to natural radio nuclides in the environment under investigation are very low and insignificant to cause any serious health problems to the people living in the area.

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