Assessment of heavy metal pollution in soils and wells around municipal dumpsites in Osogbo metropolis

Author(s): T.A.Majolagbe, L.Azeez, H.O.Salawu, M.D.Adeoye, A.T.Lawal, B.K.O.Agbaogun, K.O.Tijani

This study assessed the contributions of dumpsites to heavymetal pollution in soils at 10mand 20mand well water at 50m, 100mand 200maway from two dumpsites; Islae-Osun and Ofatedo. The pH of soils from dumpsites, 10mand 20maway fromOfatedo dumpsite were alkaline while pH of soils from10mand 20maway fromIsale-Osun dumpsitewere acidic. pH ofwater from all locations were alkaline except for control which was acidic. The trend of heavy metal pollution in soils at the centre, 10m away from Isale- Osun and 20maway fromOfatedo dumpsites is Pb >Cu >Ni>Cr >Cd while at 20maway fromIsale-osun dumpsite, centre and 10maway fromOfatedo dumpsite is Cu>Pb>Ni>Cr>Cd. The general trend of heavymetal pollution inwellwater at various distances fromboth dumpsites is Cu>Pb>Cr>Ni>Cd except at 200maway fromIsale-osun dumpsitewhich isCu>Pb>Cr>Cd>Ni. Heavymetal pollution index evaluated were higher than 100; the threshold warning suggesting that all wells were critically polluted with heavymetals. Factor analysis revealed that the main source of pollution was from dumpsites.

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