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Applications of Heterogeneous Solvent-Free Catalysis under Microwave Conditions in C-C and C-Hetero Bond Formations-Spectral Evaluation using Hammett Equation

Author(s): Dubasi Narsimhaswamy*

The research work presented by Guna Sekar and co. on the topic entitled, ‘SiO2-H3PO4-catalyzed solvent free aldol condensation: Synthesis and spectral correlations of some antimicrobial potent arylE2-propen-1-ones’, gives readers of interest mainly the following aspects firstly, heterogeneous catalyzed reactions, which can be recyclable and reusable-a key green chemistry protocol. Secondly, Neat/solvent-free catalyzed reactions offering green environment by avoiding harsh and toxic solvents.Thirdly, use of microwave in organic synthesis-One added application.

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