Analytical model of threshold voltage and sub-threshold slope of SOI and SON MOSFET: A comparative study

Author(s): S.K.Sarkar, Sanjoy Deb, N.Basanta Singh, Debraj Das

Athreshold voltagemodel based on three-interface compact capacitivemodel is developed for horizontal SOI/SONMOSFET. Different short channel effects like drain induced barrier lowering, 2-D charge sharing and fringing field effects are considered.Analytical simulation is done to understand the threshold voltage performance of silicon on insulator (SOI) and silicon on nothing (SON)MOSFET, under different structural and operational parameter variations. The performance of the two devices are studied and compared in terms of threshold voltage roll-off and subthreshold slope. Performance of SONMOSFET is found to be significantly different fromequivalent SOI device. SONMOSFET demonstrates lower threshold voltage rolloff and subthreshold slope due to reduced short channel effects. Present analysis is found to be useful to figure out the improvement of SON over SOI structures as a next generation short channel MOS structure.

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