Analysis of antibiotic resistance of organisms from different industrial soil sources

Author(s): G.Prasanna, C.Sasikumar, Shaleesha A.Stanley

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics poses a serious challenge to the use of antibiotics. Rational use of antibiotics ismost desirable but it cannot provide a permanent solution to the problem. The present study concentrates on analysis of antibiotic resistance of microorganisms from two different soil samples collected fromdifferent industrial regions. The bacterial population in the samples was isolated and analyzed using serial dilution procedure followed by pour platemethod. The antibiotic resistances ofmicroorganisms were studied with 7 broad and narrow spectrum antibiotic discs and the zone of inhibition inmmwas measured. Based on the zone of inhibition the antibiotic resistance was conferred, which in turn can provide the data for assessing the range of resistance of microorganisms in the region.

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