Analysis of Anaerobic Degradation of Vegetable Wastes and Biokinetic Constants

Author(s): Srinivasan G

The process of anaerobic digestion employs specialized bacteria to break down organic waste, converting it into a stable semi-solid digestate. In the present study, kitchen refuse were collected and digested anaerobically in labscale for the analysis of various physico-chemical parameters and biokinetic coefficients. Initial pH and temperature values were 2.3 and 32°C respectively and the final values were 7.2 and 55°C respectively. There were significant percentage reduction in BOD, COD, total solids and volatile solids. In case of kinetic constants, values of the growth yield coefficient Y (mg/mg), the micororganisms decay coefficient kd (d-1), the substrate removal coefficient k(d-1) and the Half velocity constant i.e., substrate concentration at half of the maximum growth rate ks, (mg/l) were 0.06, 0.03, 0.004 and 29 respectively.

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