An experimental study on impacts of temperature and salinity on dissolved oxygen in water: Correlation and regression technique

Author(s): SanjayKumar Sundaray

Dissolved oxygen (DO) in an aquatic environment is an important indicator of the environment’s water quality and a vital to the existence of most aquatic organisms. Its concentration and distribution in the aquatic environment are dependent on chemical and physical factors and are greatly affected by biological and chemical processes. Dissolved oxygen of aerated distilled water was investigated with different temperature and different salinity. The results show large negative correlation between temperature and DO (r = – 0.9988) and for salinity and DO r = – 0.9986. The very usefulness of these correlation study has been tested by obtaining a linear relation of the formY=A+BX+ CX2 for temperature-DOandY=A+BXfor salinity- DO to predict the values of dissolved oxygen as a function of temperature and salinity, which are found to be good agreement with observed values.

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