Aluminium, cooper and ironsalts doped TiO2films abilities in selfcleaning application

Author(s): WesamA.A.Twej, Baha T.Chiad, FalahH.Ali

Three types of metals,Al, Cu and Fe,doped TiO2 thin filmsat deferent concentrations were prepared via sol-gel method achieves using dip-coating technique. All the samples were undergone to calcination in a furnace at (450ºC) with temperature rate of 20ºC/min for three hours. XRDtest show anatase crystal phase for all films. The absorption spectra were adopted for calculation the band gap. Noticeable UV to visible red shifts was recordedin Fe-doped TiO2samples (absorption edge reach 418.92 nm),while minor shift were observed in both Al-doped TiO2 and Cu-doped TiO2 samples. Systematic absorption edges shifting with concentration dependence were realized for all adopted samples. Self-cleaning capability of the prepared samples were examinedinterrelated to the hydrophilicity using contact angle measurements.

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