Allelopathic Effects of Aqueous Extract of Lantana camara L. on Seed Germination of Black Gram Vigna mungo L.

Author(s): Nadirsha PS Nawab and Yogamoorthi A

An attempt was made to assess the allelopathic effects of aqueous extract of Lantana camara L. a potential invasive plant on growth and seedling related traits of black gram Vigna mungo L. The seeds were treated in 10%, 20%, 40%, 80% and 100% concentrations. The leaf aqueous extract of Lantana camara L. showed significant inhibitory activity on germination potency of the seed in terms of Germination Index, Tolerance Index, and seed coat shedding time. Besides, Phytotoxicity, for the Vigna mungo L. were found out. Germination Index and Tolerance Index were found to be decreased with increase in the concentration of aqueous leaf extracts and phytotoxicity increased. The maximum and minimum inhibitory values were obtained in 100% and 10% extract concentrations respectively. An attempt was also made to estimate the enzymatic activity. All the results and observations obtained in this experimental study were discussed in the view of phyto-chemical constituents of Lantana camara L. and their probable allelopathic property against the seed germination.

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