Advanced oxidation process-photocatalyzed degradation of a textile dye using titanium dioxide

Author(s): J.Madhavan, S.Murugesan, P.Maruthamuthu, S.Anandan

Visible light-assisted photocatalyzed degradation of a textile dye, acid red 88(AR88) was carried out. The kinetics of disappearance of the dye was followed spectrophotometrically. Effect of various experimental parameters such as the initial dye concentration, amount of photocatalyst and the addition of oxidants such as peroxomonosulphate (PMS) and peroxodisulphate(PDS) on the photocatalyzed degradation of AR88 was studied. In the presence of oxidants, a significant enhancement in the degradation rate was observed. Adetailed mechanismof degradation of the dye in the presence and absence of oxidants has been proposed.

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