Adsorption study on pomegranate peel: Removal of Ni 2+ and Co 2+ from aqueous solution

Author(s): Zahra Abbasi, Mohammad Alikarami, Ali Homafar

The aims of the study were to investigate the effect of Pomegranate peel on adsorption of Co2+ and Ni 2+ by using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy for metal estimation. The effects of Co 2+ and Ni 2+ ions concentration, agitation time and temperature on adsorption of heavy metals onto Pomegranate Peelwas investigated. The experimental isothermresults were fitted using Langmuir and Freundlich equations. The Langmuir and Freundlich model agrees very well with experimental data. The maximum amounts of Co 2+ and Ni 2+ adsorbed (qm), as evaluated by Freundlich isotherm, were 8.98 mg and 7.54 per gram of powder of Pomegranate peel, respectively. Study concluded that Pomegranate peels, a waste material, have good potential as an adsorbent to remove toxic metals like Co 2+ and Ni 2+ fromwater.

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