Adsorption studies of potassium heptyl xanthate at mercury electrode surface

Author(s): K.Purushotham Naidu, N.Krishnaiah, A.Varaprasad, N.V.S.Naidu, K.Saraswathi

Polarographic studies of potassium heptyl xanthate (Khxan) at dropping mercury electrode reveals that the product of anodic reaction is strongly adsorbed at the mercury surface as indicated by a prewave. The anodic wave of xanthate (adsorption and diffusion together) extends over a wide span of potential + 0.2 to - 0.5 V vs SCE. The current of totalwave is proportional to the concentration of xanthate from0.30 to 1.20mM. The experimental conditions developed are extended for its analysis in spikedwater samples as xanthates belong to miscellaneous pesticide class.

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