Activity of radium,thorium and potassiumin soil and buildingmaterials

Author(s): L.A.Sathish, K.Nagaraja, H.C.Ramanna, V.Nagesh, D.Prakash, S.Sundareshan, T.V.Ramachandran

The activities of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in soil samples and building materials have been carried out using Hyper Pure Germaniumgamma ray detector. It is observed that the 226Ra and its progeny concentrations are higher in the houses having granite flooring.Activity concentration of 226Ra is measured by collection chamber method and the exhalation rate is done using solid state nuclear track detectors. A good correlation is observed for 226Ra and 232Th activity in soil with indoor 222Rn, 220Rn and its progeny in dwellings.

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