Active biomonitoring of heavy metals uptake by some native plants, grown in Southwestern, Sinai, Egypt

Author(s): A.M.A.Morsy

Heavymetal pollution is one of themost important environmental problems today. Phytoremediation is an effective and low-cost interesting technology. The aim of this study is to compare the accumulation of metals in the investigated native plants, with metal concentrations in roots and in soils, and to assess the feasibility to use these plants for phytoremediation purpose as well as its use as bioindicators for heavy metals in different soils. Four plants species (Hyoscymus muticus, Citrullus colonythsis, Artemisia judaica and Cleome droserifolia.) were collected fromAbu Zeneima area; in Southwestern Sinai with their associated soils. Concentrations of heavy metals were determined in both soil and plants using atomic adsorption.All plant species can uptake heavy metals and aluminum but with different concentration. Hyosymus muticus was effective in taking up Ni while Citrullus colonythsis was effective in taking up Cu and Mn.

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