Activated carbon from corn cob for treating dye waste water

Author(s): N.Samson Maria Louis

Corn cob which iswaste frombiopolymer i.e., starchrepresent an interesting alternative as a low cost adsorbent because of its abundant, renewable and biodegradable rawresource and properties such as its chemical stability, oil absorption, surface area, iodine value and high reactivity, resulting fromthe presence of chemically reactive hydroxyl groups. Corn cob is roasted at high% with low cost chemical as catalyst to reduce time, with temperature control to get 32%yield&certain lowcost chemicals areadded for obtaining activated carbon. In order to minimize the energetic cost of the process, the following optimal conditions i.e., 2 N phosphoric acid activating solution, impregnation time of 20 hr, activation temperature at 600O C for 60 min & pH5 are achieved for utilizing in dye wastewater treatment.

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