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Accumulation of Heavy Metals (Fe, Zn, Co & Cu) in Ceratotheca Sesamoides and Corchorus Olitorius Grown on Tannery Sludge Amended Soil in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria

Author(s): Mahadi Doka Garba*, Mohammed MI , Ayuba Samali

The study investigated the bioavailability of heavy metals from a tannery sludge, amended soil, control soil and vegetables plants (Ceratotheca sesamoides and Corchorus olitorius) grown on amended soil of Challawa industrial areas. The samples were collected, processed and analyzed for heavy metals (Fe, Zn. Co and Cu) and some physicochemical parameters (of the sludge and soils) using flame method of atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) and other appropriate methods. The results obtained indicated the mean concentration range of Fe, Zn and Cu as 3369.82-481.00 mg/kg, 1304.71-62.20 mg/kg and 28.78-2.00 mg/kg in the tannery sludge to the control soil samples, while in Ceratotheca sesamoides and Corchorus olitorius harvested from the amended and the control soils were 1754.47-404.20 mg/kg (Fe),

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