A study on the classification of land cover in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu India using geo-spatial techniques

Author(s): G.Theenadhayalayan, Mithas Ahmad Dar, Imran Ahmad Dar

Land use and land cover change is a major issue in global environment change, and is especially significant in rapidly developing regions in the world. With its economic development, population growth, and urbanization, Kanyakumari, the southern district ofTamilNadu , have experienced a dramatic land use and land cover (LULC) change over the past 30 years. Fast LULC change have resulted in degradation of its ecosystems and affected adversely the environment. It is urgently needed to monitor its LULC changes and to analyses the consequences of these changes in order to provide information for policymakers to support sustainable development. This study employed Landsat TM/ETM+ images of 1972, 1982 and 2001. The type, rate, and pattern of the changes were analyzed in details by supervised classification.

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