A study on social, economic and cultural aspects regeneration and renewal of old urban tissues using the SWOT method-case study: Mashhad shohada square

Author(s): Mahedi Vatan Parast, Ali Pasandeideh

Today, urban tissues aging are considered as a factor preventing the realization ofmodernmethods of urban management in urbanism. This led to the lack of progress and development of the cities. To select urban distressed areas for Immigrants and low-income segment housing showing increasing economic, social, cultural hardship and even security issues that itself is great threat host cities. Worn areas which once formed an important part of cities and considered urban identity have been transmitted unsafe. In fact, it can be said that the identity of a city is in trouble. In the cities that in the phenomenon of urbanization will be preferred to urbanism and the process of urban population growth and rapid absorption will be out of control in a given time interval, Generally, cities are confronted with certain difficulties to overcome these problems requires a lot of time and money. The most important consequence of urbanization, along with lack of suitable urban infrastructure for residents and migrants of cities are irregular and worn out tissues creation surrounding and inner of city. These forgotten urban areas today are considered as a factor preventing the realization ofmodernmethods ofmunicipal in economic, social and cultural development of cities. There is no possibility to protect of restoration and life of buildings in these areas because of low economical power and lack of dependence of residents and the resistance extent of these buildings due to wear are very low and at time of earthquake rescue and the relief and salvation Operations despite high density construction and narrow passages will be done hardly. In this paper has been tried in parallelism to identify challenges and anomalies worn fabric of cities’ inner to change them in to opportunities with the renewal and improvement of these tissues for planning in social, cultural and economical axis with the help of SWOT process.

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