A study on metal accumulation in two selected bryophytes

Author(s): Virendra Nath, Sarita Sinha, A.K.Asthana, Vinay Sahu

Bryophytes play an important role as bioindicators of atmospheric pollution. They exhibit remarkable response to it by showing visible symptoms of injury and also by accumulating a large quantity of heavy metals from atmosphere owing to the absence of cuticle in their plant body and due to the abundance of cation exchange sites on the cell walls. The present study deals with assessment and accumulation of heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Zn, Ni, and Mn) in two taxa viz., Plagiochasma appendiculatum Lehm. et Lindb. and Mnium marginatum (With.) P. Beauv growing in the area of frequent autovehicular movement i.e. Kempty Fall Taxi Stand and also at the Company Garden, which is an area having restricted auto-vehicular movement. Enhanced concentrations of metals have been detected in the populations of these taxa growing in polluted areas. On the basis of the results obtained in this study, we can conclude that bryophytes are efficient accumulator of heavy metals.

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