A perspective overview on geographic information system

Author(s): S.Thangadurai, S.Vijaya Chitra

Geographic Information System(GIS) is a versatile toolwith increased speed due to many available software packages. GIS technology is aptly suited to integrate data in a multidisciplinary geoinvestigations. It is not only speedy but it is cost-effective which is essential for a developing economy like India. GISs have played an extremely important role in vehicle navigation, landslide hazard zonation, health and human services, mining & earth sciences, disaster research, marine, coast & oceans research, defense and intelligence and in e-governance. This paper describes the value of GIS in education and fundamental of geoinformatics also to know how it works and how to select, implement, and manage a GIS. This article will benefit students or scholars who do not have prior knowledge of this system.

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