A mini-review onaerobic granular sludge cultivation

Author(s): Moein Hedayati Moghaddam, Morteza Esfandyari, Amin Hedayati Moghaddam

To improveaerobic treatment of wastewater, cultivation of aerobic granular sludgeseems to be useful. Since excess nitrate and phosphate compounds promoteforming algal blooms and eutrophication in receiving water, in recent years many investigations have been conductedto improve the efficiency of COD, nitrogen and phosphate removal. Applying aerobic granular sludge is a novel and promising technique due to its advantages over conventional activated sludge process and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) such as improved settling ability and higher biomass retention as well as capable of toleration significantly higher organic loading rates because of their ability to retain biomass. In this study, a mini-review over papers and patents in this field was done.

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