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Scientific Articles On Homology Modeling

 Homology (science), any quality of natural life forms that is gotten from a typical precursor. Succession homology, natural homology between DNA, RNA, or protein groupings. Homologous chromosomes, chromosomes in an organic cell that pair up (neurotransmitter) during meiosis. Homologous recombination, hereditary recombination in which nucleotide arrangements are traded between atoms of DNA. Homologous desensitization, a receptor diminishes its reaction to a flagging particle when that agonist is in high fixation. Homology demonstrating, a technique for protein structure forecast. Homology (science), the connection between mixes in a homologous arrangement. Homologous arrangement, a progression of natural mixes having various amounts of a rehashed unit. Homologous temperature, the temperature of a material as a small amount of its supreme dissolving point. Homologation response, a synthetic response which creates the following sensible individual from a homologous arrangement.

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