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Osteoarthritis Scholarly Peer-review Journal

 Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most extreme regular arthropathy in the around the world, which is considered by the hardship of articular ligament and influences every joint structure, for example, the subchondral bone, fibrocartilage, tendon, case, and synovium. The knee OA is profoundly predominant in people of both genders more than 50 years of age, and the extraordinary degrees of torment lead the loss of utilitarian limit and personal satisfaction. Scholarly peer review is the way toward oppressing a creator's scholarly work, examination, or thoughts to the investigation of other people who are specialists in a similar field, before a paper depicting this work is distributed in a diary. The work might be acknowledged, thought about worthy with updates, or dismissed. Peer review requires a network of specialists in guaranteed (barely characterized) field, who are qualified and ready to perform sensibly unprejudiced review.  

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