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The spread of HIV, among youth in Gabon and Cameroon, is accepted to be driven by perilous hetero intercourse. In any case, no exploration has been done to research the anticipating elements of hazard sexual practices among the young people of the two nations. Along these lines, the point of this examination was to research the anticipating components of highrisk sexual practices among 15-24 matured youth from Gabon and Cameroon.    Strategies: This examination utilized broadly agent datasets from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) of Cameroon (2011) and Gabon (2012). The investigation factors: non-spousal sex, numerous sexual organizations, and paid sex were overseen dependent on the MEASURE DHS online devices for HIV/AIDS study markers database. A sum of 14,880 youth, of which 9511 (63.91%) from Cameroon and 5369 (36.08%) from Gabon were taken by likelihood corresponding to measure. SPSS form 22 was utilized to run a parallel multivariate strategic relapse.    Results: Of the considerable number of respondents, 67.9% of Cameroonian and 81.0% of Gabonese youth had history of sex before the study. In spite of the distinction by sex, 17.4% of Cameroonian and 21.3% of Gabonese youth had numerous sexual accomplices. So also, 33.9% of Cameroonian and 57.3% Gabonese youth announced non-spousal sex.    

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