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Food protection incorporates forestalling the development of microscopic organisms, growths or other small scale life forms just as impeding the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity therefore advancing longer time span of usability and diminished danger from eating the food. Food preparing is the change of crude fixings, by physical or substance implies into food, or of food into different structures. Food handling is procedure of change of crude fixings into food by the methods for physical and compound methods. It is the way toward delivering crude food fixings into attractive food items which can be effortlessly arranged and utilized by the shoppers. Case of Food Processing incorporates getting ready space nourishment for utilization under zero gravity. Food handling must be offset with the food safeguarding moreover. Food conservation is to stop or hinder the deterioration of food, loss of value and edibility of nourishment for longer time. It includes forestalling the development of microscopic organisms, growths and microorganisms from. It incorporates drying, refrigeration, freezing, vacuum pressing.

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