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 The specialist can arrive at expanded efficiency with less physical burden and less vitality utilization when consistence is cultivated. This examination has been executed in a medium estimated work escalated furniture production line situated in Denizli, Turkey. In this investigation, physical remaining burden of administrators is the stacking and unloading by apparatus in strong wood handling workshop of the industrial facility. At first, the workplace of this division is explored ergonomically and afterward 12 of the machines are chosen for usage. Singular qualities, working conditions and stances of the administrators in the chose machines are dictated by utilizing studies, estimations and video recording procedures. In the wake of examining stacking and emptying tasks of laborers, activity times and stance frequencies are resolved. Ovako Working Posture Analysis System (OWAS) is utilized to discover the outstanding tasks at hand and possible danger of business related musculoskeletal issue. Insufficient and inadequate workplaces disregarding ergonomic variables at the arranging level make relentless psychical issue, increment missteps and mishap rates and abatement work efficiency. Improvement of the consistence among laborer and errand is a urgent advance for improving efficiency.

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