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Current Reviews In Biophysics

The Biophysics Review covers significant advances in the area of biophysics, including macromolecular structure, function and dynamics, theoretical and computational biophysics, cell biophysics, physical systems biology, membrane biophysics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and emerging techniques. Biophysical Reviews publishes timely and critical reviews of key figures in the biophysics field. Interested writers are encouraged to speak with the Editor-in - Chief about the possibility of writing a critique. Biophysical analyses cover the whole field of biophysics, commonly known as the science of the explanation and interpretation of biological phenomena using phytographic principles and techniques.This includes but is not limited by such areas as bioinformatics, biophysical methods and instrumentation, medical biophysics, biosystems, cell biophysics and organisation, macromolecules: dynamics, structures and interactions, and membrane biophysics, channels and transportation.

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