ZnO composite mediated photocatalytic decolourization of Coralene Red F3BS dye in presence of solar light

Author(s): Suneel Naik, K.Yogendra, K.M.Mahadevan, N.Madhusudhana

An attempt has been made to develop innovative synthesis method of ZnO composite involving hydrazine hydrate as combustion agent (by using solution combustion method) and synthesized composite was characterized by Scanning Electron Micrographs and X-Ray Diffraction. The ZnO composite was employed as catalysts for solar light induced photocatalytic decolourization of Coralene Red F3BS, disperse azo dye. Photodecolourization of aqueous solution containing Coralene Red F3BS dye was investigated by comparing absorbance readings taken at regular intervals of time (15 minutes). Photo-catalytic experiments were conducted systematically at different pH levels and catalyst dosages on dye solution of different dye concentrations to understand and evaluate the respective effects of these parameters on the photo-decolourization of dye solution. The decolourization ofCoralene Red F3BS was recorded (99.65%, 99.02% and 99.80 % for the dye concentrations of 50ppm, 75 ppm and 100 ppm respectively) at neutral pH level in a relative short period of 105 minutes.

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