X-ray diffraction spectrum and fourier transform study of lead iodide crystals grown in gel under electricfield, magneticfield, ultraviolet and infrared radiations

Author(s): G.Lillybai, M.H.Rahimkutty

It is presented the infrared (FTIR) spectroscopic investigations of the lead iodide samples grown in pure, electricfield, magnetic field, ultraviolet and infrared radiations. The study of structural, optical and technological importance of lead iodide crystal. Lead Iodide (PbI2) is a promising candidate for the manufacturing of semiconductor gamma-ray detectors. In addition, the growth of crystals in UV and IR radiationswere discussed. Crystallographic measurements were made using XRD spectrum of the pure sample. Lead halides have structures of mainly ionic character based on close-packing of the halide ions.

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