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Water cluster ensembles as interface to the structure of epicenter and the earthquake mechanism on the Jawa island (8 73´ s. 112 36´ e.)

Author(s): K.Zubow, A.Zubow, V.A.Zubow

The long-range order (LRO) in underground water (North Germany) that was excited by gravitation was investigated in the period of August 13th to 14th, 2009. The average molecular mass of water clusters, the forms of the base water cluster (H2O)12 and of the Chaplin cluster (H2O)280, were found to correlate with a series of gravitation excitation which is connected with the earthquake on the Java island. It has been investigated how earthquakes at distance influence the general energy capacity of the water cluster ensembles. Amechanism describing generation and development of gravitation tensions in the epicenter on Java as the result of changed hydrogen bridges in water under the influence of impulse pressure up to 0.46 GPa has been suggested. Periodically changing water cluster forms prior to the earthquake and dominating collapsed clusters in the post seismic time were observed. Asystem of underground “boilers”- geysers (~ 25 pieces) in the epicenter under Java was concluded. These “boilers” are characterized by thewhole mass of ~ 179·106 t of circulatingwater and steam (model of Soxhlet apparatus), those overheating cause destruction, explosion and finally the earthquake of a middle power. Furthermore, a structure model of the epicenter was given. Water erosion of “boilers” was suggested to be the reason for future earthquakes.

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