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Waste thermoplastics lignocellulosic composites for packaging

Author(s): Mona A.Nassar, Galal A.Nawar

This research concerned with the use of rice husk (RH) as a filler for waste thermoplastics as polypropylene,polystyrene and plastic bags. Composites were prepared bymelt extrusion.Mechanical properties,water absorption and density of manufactured panels were investigated. Panels made from waste polypropylene and RH have more density than that made from waste polyethylene and rice husk. Thermogravimetric analysis indicates that rice husk improve thermal stability of filled panels. The effect of blending peanut hulls with rice husk was also studied. Mixing peanut hulls with rice husk (1:1) in presence of waste plastic bags (polyethylene) was effective to obtain panels having low water uptake.

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Table of Contents

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