Utilization of bioresources such as coir-pith, saw dust and palmyra fiber as reinforcement material in polyester matrix

Author(s): V.Manikandan, R.Velmurugan

This paper deals with the study of mechanical properties of the composite sandwich plates made up of coir industry waste, the pith / the timber industry waste the sawdust as the fillers in the formof core and the Palmyra fiber as skin. Coir pith being a waste disposed from the coir factories, pose the danger of pollution and health hazard. This can be used as filler material in polymer composites. Sandwich plates were prepared with general polyester resin matrix by varying the coir pith /saw dust content keeping the palmyra fiber content constant. Specimen were cut as perASTMstandard and tested in Instron machine. The mechanical properties such as tensile, bending, shear and impact strength were studied. 10%, increase in tensile strength, 14% in shear strength and 40% increase in impact strength were observed due to the addition of 10g coir pith / saw dust as core material.

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