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Transition Metals Doping Effects on Non-Linear Optical Properties of Be12O12 Nano-Cluster: A DFT Study

Author(s): Ali Raoof Toosi and Hamid Reza Shamlouei

Investigation about the effect of transition metal doping on structural, electronic, energetic, linear and nonlinear optical properties of Be12O12 nanocluster is the subject of this research. Results indicated that transition metals doping process leads to narrowing the energy gap (Eg) of them. Evidently the dipole moment and polarizability value of Be12O12 nanocluster increases because of that transition metals doping. The first hyperpolarizability value dramatically increases as substitute a magnesium atom with a transition metal atom. Among the transition metal atom doped nanocage, scandium has the largest first hyperpolarizability value (β◦ ≈ 4953 au). Also two-level model indicated that first hyperpolarizibility has severe dependence to excitation energies. The result of TD-DFT calculation indicates that the β0 has similar behavior as β2 which confirm the results of β0 obtained by ab initio calculation.

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