Thermoluminescence study of natural minerals used in ceramic tiles industries

Author(s): H.C.Mandavia, H.O.Jethva, R.U.Purohit, K.V.R.Murthy

The present paper reports the thermoluminescence (TL) study of Feldspar and Zircon minerals collected from the ceramic tiles manufacturing unit, Morbi, Gujarat. The natural thermoluminescence (NTL) aswell as artificial thermoluminescence (ATL+NTL), by giving a 100Gy beta dose,was recorded for the collected samples. These mineral powders were annealed and quenched from 400C followed by 100Gy beta dose given from Sr-90 beta source and then the thermoluminescence was recorded. The initial TL results of feldspar and Zircon were quite interesting and further studies are in progress.

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