Thermoluminencence study of China clay

Author(s): Hitesh Mandavia

The clayminerals are the most important tools inGeological research. Present paper reports the thermoluminescence study ofChinaClaywhich are broadly used in ceramic tiles as rawmaterials.Research paper dealswith the comparative Thermoluminescence study and discussion of glowcurve of natural China Clay at different annealing and quenching temperature with fixed beta dose 15Gy by Sr-90 beta source. Every time 5mg of weighed irradiated powder is taken to record TL of subjected mineral treated with various annealing and quenching temperatures namely 2000C, 4000C also TL was recorded as received minerals (NTL) along with beta dose of 15Gy was given and the glow curve are recorded (NTL +ATL).For better understanding all the results are also reproduced as peak temperature vs peak TL intensity in the formof tables.The result are important as Geological dating and forensic investigation point of view.

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