Thermal Behaviour Of Two Tunisians Kaolins Structural Changes And Textures Results

Author(s): M.Chelly and E.Srasra

The purpose of this work is to characterise and study the thermal behaviour of two Tunisians kaolins. Two samples are selected for this study. The samples are tested by chemical analysis (CA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential thermal analysis (DTA), infrared spectroscopy (IR), cation exchange capacities (CEC) and specific areas (BET) in order to determine their chemical and mineralogical composition and structural differences. The evolution of specific surface according to the temperature of the Kasserine samples after thermal treatment shows an abrupt diminution at 700°C that are interpreted by a process of sintering. The thermal treatment of the two clays at 1200°C, shows the apparition of a new phase that is the mullite. This mullite is identical to mullite gotten by the process sol-gel from the synthesis of the pure aluminosiloxane.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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