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The Study of Secondary Metabolic of Ferulago Carduchorum BOISS & HAUSSKN

Author(s): Leila Ranjbar Shamasbi, Seyyed Mehdi Razavi and Nader Chaparzadeh

Ferulago carduchorum Boiss &HAUSSKN is a perennial herb from Apiaceae family indigenous to Iran. In this study, in order to investigate phytochemicals on coumarins, the root powder of this plant was extracted by solvents of n-hexane, dichloromethane and methanol in a succession machine. The hexaenoic extract was fractionated by VLC technique. After a preliminary test with an analytical TLC technique, the best fraction was introduced into the thin layer of parathyroid chromatography, the product of which was a linear furanocoumarine named as prantchimgin. The chemical structure of this compound was determined by spectroscopic techniques NMR. With the obtained information, this is the first report on F. Carduchorum rootstock phytochemicals that were considered to be biologically relate to the presence of furanocomarins. The plant’s aerial parts essential oil was obtained by water distillation method and analyzed by GC / MS device. The results showed that, the main components of the essential oil were octan (25.29%), gamma-terpinene (6.34), α-pinene (4.47%), decane (3.71%), α terpinene (2.84%) and sabinene (1.16).

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