The Effect Of Fine Dry Grinding On The Physicochemical Properties And Textural Morphology Of Tunisian Smectite Clay

Author(s): Imene Bekri-Abbes and Ezzeddine Srasra

A montmorillonite clay from Zaghouan (Tunisia) was fine grounded in a mortar. The period of grinding was varied from 2 to 20 mn. The crystalline structure, textural morphology, FTIR spectra and metals extraction by a 0,1 M HCl acid solution were studied. We found that the crystalline peaks of momtmorillonite were gradually reduced with the increase of grinding time, and after 20 mn of fine grinding, the montmorillonite transformed into an amorphous phase. From FTIR spectra, it was found that a prototropic effect occurs after 20 minutes of fine dry grinding. The extraction rate of the metals contained in the mineral by HCl acid solution was rapidly increased by the mechanochemical treatment. Analysis by N2 adsorption-desorption showed a zigzag of the SBET and the azote adsorption. AFM and SEM images showed an increased presence of sub-micrometric rounded particles at the surface of the treated samples than for the untreated one.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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