The dielectric relaxation behavior of semi crystalline poly(tetrahydrofuran) networks

Author(s): A.A.F.Zikry, M.T.El-Hefnawy, H.M.A.Ahmed, M.A.Sharaf

The dielectric relaxation behavior of hydroxyl-terminated poly tetrahydrofuran (HO-PTHF-OH) network has been investigated.The networks were prepared by a hydrolysis condensation process of the 3-isocyanato propyltriethoxysilane end capped-oligmers for the crystalline relaxation covering a range in the temperature and frequency. Also, the crystallization process of the investigated sample has been studied dielectrically as a function of time and temperature. Furthermore, the results obtained showed that (i) the optimum crystallization temperature is about 250C; (ii) the time at which crystallization starts is a function of the working temperatures and apparently is reduced to just a fewminutes at 300C; and (iii) the crystallization process is completed within a period of less than 1 hrs in the temperature range 20-300C.

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