Test of elaboration protocols for obtaining highly Co- or Ni -alloyed spheroidal cast irons from an industrial SGcast iron. Part C: Second protocol. Subpart 2 :Mechanical properties

Author(s): KamelMeridja, Patrice Berthod

The highly alloyed cast irons synthesized in the precedent part, through an original elaboration scheme precedent part avoiding the usual spheroidisation and inoculation treatments in the liquid state, were subjected to compression for specifying some of their mechanical properties. The globally spheroidal shape of graphite allowed keeping a plastic deformation until high values of applied stress without rupture as this logically rapidly occurs for grey lamellar graphite cast irons. However this happened for the control sample because its mainly ledeburitic structure. The 25wt.%Co-containing SG cast iron showed high yield strength (almost 800 MPa) and high values of hardening parameters. The 25wt.%Ni-containing SG iron was more ductile but less resistant against compression, at least in the elastic domain.

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