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Test of elaboration protocols for obtaining highly Co- or Ni -alloyed spheroidal cast irons from an industrial SG cast iron. Part D: Second protocol. Subpart 2: Mechanical properties

Author(s): Kamel Meridja, Patrice Berthod

In this last work the alloying of an industrial SG iron with new elements, nickel or cobalt, was particularly high. The 75wt.%Ni- and the 75wt.%Cocontaining cast irons, the microstructure characterization of which were previously carried out, were here subjected to compression test, with comparison with the corresponding control sample containing only iron. The results show that these alloys are not fundamentally different in compression behaviour from the less-alloyed versions studied until there. Outlooks concerning the expected behaviours in tensile tests or corrosion, as well as some thermo-physical properties for which both the chemical composition of matrix and the graphite morphology are known for their influence, are formulated.

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Table of Contents

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