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Targeting various sites of gastro intestinal tract using cellulose acetate pthalate and carbopol polymer

Author(s): Manisha Mishra, K.Venkatkiran, H.Tasneem, K.Suriaprabha, AR.Mullaicharam, P.Muthuprasanna

Double compression of the wet granulated powders formulated using Cellulose acetate pthalate(CAP) and carbopol as pH sensitive polymers. The drug (paracetamol) were divided into three parts were one part treated as immediate dose and forms a single layer and the remaining as CAP and carbopol collectively as second layer. This second layer were compressed over the precompressed immediate layer thus giving a combination of immediate release and a sustained release. The invitro release and invivo release- urinary relase data showed a positive response thus substantiating the release of drug contents at gastric pH, duodenal pH and the distal intestinal part. This tablet could be a good candidate for targeting the parts of GIT. This enhances the drug delivery and decreases the adverse reaction of the drug to a great extent.

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