Synthesize of SnO2, SnSnO3 and Sr2SnO4 nanopowders by solide state-reaction

Author(s): Ali Taherkhani, Hafezeh Nabipour, Shahriar Ghammamy

The synthesis of nanoparticles has become a highly developed field owing to the scientific and technological interest due to the structural peculiarities and unusual physical and chemical properties. The one step solid-state reaction technique was employed to prepare nanopowders of SnO2, Sr2SnO4 and SrSnO3 through differentweight ratio of Sn : Sr. This technique was found to give spherical products of uniform size and shape in over 90% yields. The materials have a variety of applications in ceramic dielectrics, gas-sensing materials and battery electrode bodies. Characterization of species was carried out using X-ray diffraction, SEM and TGA analysis. Investigation of samples revealed that, agglomerations ofwell connected, small grains lumped together with large number of pores have been formed. The XRD pattern analysis has shown that the change in crystalline sizes after calcining at various temperatures.

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