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Synthesis,Characterization,Distribution Behaviour And Binary Separation Of AChelating Sorbent Containing -Diketo Group Onto Neutral Alumina

Author(s): Anjali Patel, Niki Vithlani, Nikunj Bhatt

A series of chelating sorbents comprising liquid chelating ion exchanger( 0.002 to 0.2 M 2,4, Decanedione) and neutral alumina was synthesized by impregnation method. The support and the synthesized chelating sorbent has been characterized by DSC, FTIR, DRS, Particle Size distribution(PSD) and specific surface area(PSD method). The surface morphology of the support and chelating sorbent has been studied by scanning electron microscope(SEM). The above studies confirm the presence of -diketo group on the surface of the support. Distribution coefficient for several metal ions like Cu, Pb, Co, Cd, Zn, Hg, Ce and Ni has been studied using different loading of chelating ion exchanger onto the support, different concentration of the metal ion solution and different electrolytes. The separation factor was also calculated and based on its values a few binary separations such as Cu(II)-Ni(II) 98-98%, Co(II)- Ni(II) 95-97% , Co(II)-Zn(II) 96-97% and Zn(II)-Cd(II) 96-98% have been proposed.

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