Synthesis of red phosphors NaLa(MoO4)2:Eu3+ by sol- gel method assisted by microwave and effect of doping PO4 3- on the structure and luminescent properties

Author(s): Yong-Qing Zhai, Yao-Xuan Cui, Jia-Jia Zhao, Jian Ma, Qiang Zheng, Jia Qiao

Red phosphors NaLa0.95Eu0.05(MoO4)2 have been synthesized by sol-gel method assisted bymicrowave. X-ray diffraction and fluorescence spectrophotometer were used to analyze and investigate the phase structure and luminescent properties of phosphors, respectively. The results show that the as-synthesized sample belongs to tetragonal scheelite-structure. The excitation spectrumofNaLa0.95Eu0.05(MoO4)2 is composed of twomajor parts: one is the broad band between 200 and 350 nm, which belongs to the charge transfer of Mo-O and Eu-O; the other consists of a series of sharp lines between 350 and 500 nm, ascribed to the f-f transition of Eu3+. The main emission peak is at 616 nm, which is ascribed to the transition of 5D07F2 of Eu3 +. Moreover, the luminescent intensity of NaLa0.95Eu0.05(MoO4)2 can be greatly enhanced with incorporation of PO4 3- and charge compensator Li+.

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