Synthesis of neworganosolublepoly (ester-amide-imide)s bearing amino acids and 4,4’-(diamidodibenzo) sulfone subunits in the main chain

Author(s): Esmael Rostami, Elmira Forouzani, Shayesteh Akhbarzadeh, Zahra Heidari, Roshan Azadmanesh, Laleh Pourhossein, Nilofar Nashibi, Somayeh Sepahvand

New poly (ester-amide-imide)s containing aminoacids and4,4’- (diamidodibenzo) sulfone units were prepared and their solubility and viscosity were evaluated. The viscosities of polyamides are in the range of 0.43-0.47. These polyamides showed good solubility in common organic solvents. Theoretical calculation shows the high free volume of polymer chains.

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