Synthesis of nanocrystaline CdS thin films by advanced spray pyrolysis technique at low substrate temperature and their characterization

Author(s): M.D.Uplane, P.S.Shewale, S.N.Patil

Thin films of cadmiumsulphide were prepared by advanced spray pyrolysis technique onto glass substrates by spraying aqueous solutions of cadmium chloride and thiourea. The films deposited onto the glass substrates have found to be uniform and well adherent to the substrate. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that films grown by the new technique are polycrystalline without any second phases; with preferential orientation along the (002), (101) and (200) planes and an average crystallite size of 33.5713 nm. Atomic Force Microscopy pictures showed that substrates were well covered by deposit. The electrical resistivity is approximately 1-cm. The optical absorption measurement exhibits direct transition with band gap energy of 2.52 eV. The thermoelectric power measurement indicated n-type behavior of cadmiumsulphide thin films.

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