Synthesis of CoNi2O3 and kinetics of thermal decomposition of the oxalate precursor by constant transformation rate thermal analysis (CRTA) under vacuum

Author(s): Kais Nahdi, Malika Trabelsi Ayedi

The thermal decomposition processes taking place in the solid state oxalate mixture of CoC2O4.2H2O-NiC2O4.2H2O (1:2 mole ratios) in air have been studied using TG-DTGandDSCtechniques. The parentmixture andmixtures calcined at different temperatures in air were characterized using XRD and FT-IR techniques. The Kinetic analysis of the thermal decomposition of the binary oxalatesmixturewas performed byControlled Rate ThermalAnalysis technique under residual partial pressure of 10-3hPa. The activation energy for each decomposition step was measured experimentally and the possible conversion function f() was investigated.

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