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Synthesis and Evaluation of Antimicrobial, Antifungal Activity and Cell Viability of Tetrakis-[(4-Methoxy)-Phthalocyaninato] Zn(II).

Author(s): Amira Hajria, Habib Jmiib, Faouzi Aloui and Souad Moussa

The cytotoxicity and antibacterial activity of Tetrakis-[(4-methoxy)-phthalocyaninato] Zn(II) were assayed by micro-dilution bioassay and the disc diffusion method against bacterial and fungal strains. All bacterial strains were particularly sensitive to the ZnPc with low MICs values ranging from 1 to 2 mg/mL and less active against the four Candida species tested with a diameter of growth inhibition about 6 mm and a MICs values ranging from 1 to 4 mg/mL. The percent of cell viability was evaluated on HEp-2 cells using the MTT salt reduction assay. The tested compound has no toxicity in HEp-2 cells (CC50>1000 μg. mL-1) and appears to be a promising antimicrobial agent.

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